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About prospa
Prospa is a technology company building the operating system for African entrepreneurs and businesses. Our mission is to support Africans in building financial prosperity.
Our people

At the core of everything we do are people. Our Members, staff, investors and partners make up our close knit community.

It’s bigger than finance and technology, we want our work to positively impact the lives of the most industrious people in the world.

Our core values
Prioritise wellbeing
Our physical, emotional and spiritual health are the most important factors in both our working and personal lives. We refuse to compromise our health and we do everything in our power to protect it.
Be member-centric
Our members are the heartbeat of our community. We put our members first, remembering the trust they have in us and the responsibility we have to serve them.
Marathon mentality
We think long term and take actions that will benefit our company, not only in the present but the future too. The race is not given to the swift nor the strong. We stay away from the hype and focus on our craft, our members and our business. This is a sure way to WIN.
Unapologetically diverse
We celebrate, promote and embrace differences in people. We all experience the same world through different lenses. Those perspectives when brought together, create magic and make Prospa special.
Consistently self-aware
We acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. We do not lie to ourselves, especially in hard times. We do not fold but face challenges head on and find ways to become stronger.
Excellence in everything
We believe in setting a level of excellence, performing at that level consistently and raising the bar always. Excellence is a mindset, and we consciously work to attain excellence individually and collectively.
Our vision of prosperity
Want to join our team

Interested in opportunities at Prospa ? We are always looking for problem solvers, with a passion for building. Reach out to us via email.